Rules for Promotion

We have to have somewhat strict rules about posts that are promotional in their nature. There is a huge discoverability problem and many developers are very anxious to promote their games.

Dont do this.. Verboten!

In the main Indie Game Developers group there are strictly enforced rules

  • No links to Apples app store, google’s play store or similar
  • No trailers
  • No facebook ‘like’ pages or similar links / inclusion of social media

All of the above can be posted in Indie Game Promo – our promotional group.

Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted without warning, and you may also risk being booted from the group, so please take care to follow the guidelines. Please report posts like this if you see them with the report tool.

Furthermore no polls, surveys and contests in this group. Why? Because clever marketers have been using these for ‘stealth’ marketing and they are not directly related to game development as such. However posts like this are welcome in Indie Game Chat

Exceptions can be made, especially for longtime active members, but please check in with a mod first.

Fundraisers and Greenlight threads

You want to get funded or on steam? We want you to be! You can post a thread for your campaigns on :

  • Kickstarter
  • IndieGoGo
  • GoFundMe
  • Steam Greenlight

The rule is one-thread-per-game – so save the thread link and update it later if you like.

You can post this in Indie Game Promo as well (duplicate post ok). Please do not crosspost to other of our groups.


This is your time to shine! During #screenshotsaturday – which we interpret broadly as the weekend – we encourage you to post updates on your games with a screenshot or clip. For these posts, properly tagged with #screenshotsaturday, you are also welcome to link your site/game – but only on the weekend and if tagged – otherwise the above rules apply. App and play store are still not allowed under any circumstances.

Why only the weekend? This way we keep group traffic more relevant during the week while still giving everyone a chance to share their progress – hopefully making the group a more useful resource for everyone.


What happens?

The moderators can seem very draconian at times, but it really all goes back to what moderation tools are available – which on facebook is only leaving a comment, deleting or kicking/blocking. There is no way to lock a thread, give a warning and keep track of these, move a thread and so on – if so we would love to use them. This means that judgement calls are made and if you feel unfairly treated just contact a mod. We do not have a way to un-delete a thread, so you will need to repost if something was removed.