Welcome to one of the largest game developer network of resources targeted to indies.

We currently have 294,706 members and growing every day!. We invite you to join us but also please be mindful about the rules that apply to each group – always read the sticky post in the group first for guidelines. Groups are moderated fairly strictly do keep spam away.

You can also read this page on general rules for promotion.

Indie Game Developers : The first and largest group indie for game developers with 117515 members. This group is fairly tightly moderated due to its size to keep spam down. No promotion or advertising is allowed in this group and may get you banned, so please read this first!

Indie Game Promo : The place to promote your game or your app to 52347 other group members. Everything welcome, except straight up reskins – they should go to Play My Clone.

Indie Game Chat : Less strictly moderated sistergroup to IGD – a more casual hangout place for chat, news, polls and more fun.

GameDev Beginners : Newbie Friendly Zone. No question too obvious.

GameDev Assets and Tools : The marketplace for art, music and other assets, as well as tools. Post up anything you have here. All posts are approved by a moderator before appearing in the group.

Gaming Industry Talent : Portfolio group where you can post samples of your work and look for team members. Pre-approved posts only, zero spam.

GameDev Show and Test : Show all your works-in-progress here, or look for testers for your game. Anything you’re working on can be shared here for feedback.