#screenshotsaturday is upon us – time to share! Here’s how we interpret #ss in the indie game dev groups :

– It doesn’t have to be exactly Saturday.. We are a global group and as long as you are somewhere in the weekend you’re good.
– It doesn’t have to be a screenshot.. Wanna share a short video clip or an audio snippet (‘#soundtracksunday’) – go for it!

*new* If you do follow the above two rules- you can also include a link for your game or fb like page in the post. This is something many have asked for – just be sure to tag the post and post during the weekend.

Please observe these guidelines though :

Keep these posts only to the above timeframe – ie weekends. They will be deleted during the week with no warning. We are not doing this to be mean but to keep the group a little more clean for actual development discussions.

Remember to tag the post #screenshotsaturday or #ss. If you don’t do this, it might very well be deleted.

Post for games in development only. If you game is done, promotion should go in the Indie Game Promo group. Absolutely no app/play store links or similar, this will get you kicked.

One thread per game only – if sharing multiple screenshots, use the same thread for the weekend.

Please help keep the group clean by referring others to these rules – they can be found on our fb page https://www.facebook.com/IndieGameDevGroup as well.

Have a great weekend!